About Us

Band Photo
(front - back) Yuko Fujiyama - piano
Clif Jackson - bass
David Gould - drums/percussion

Secret Orchestra is an original music group initiated by Clif Jackson in 2007 after the trio had already played together as a rhythm section in various other projects. It became apparent that they had a connection and shared some similar musical ideas. However, they also brought their very different backgrounds into the mix creating a strong dynamic and a wide spectrum of musical space to play in. Although Clif is the “leader” of the group and writes a lot of the music, he is the youngest member and defers to the knowledge and experience of his elder band mates. Yuko contributes original compositions, as well, and they all contribute to arrangements and aesthetics when appropriate. Furthermore, improvisation is at the center of their music, leaving all of them open to create their own parts or to work within the composer’s guidelines. Through a mix of composition and improvisation the overall musical aesthetic is grounded in a sense of direction and an exploration of colors, textures, silence, and rhythmic and melodic structures.

One of their strongest ideas is to stay true to the spirit of any given piece, whether composed or improvised. Furthermore, they try to avoid sounding the same from piece to piece and strive to push the boundaries of accepted “avant-garde” techniques, while still using those same techniques as a foundation or starting point. In a time where profitability trumps creativity in the music business, Secret Orchestra works hard to develop a unique and identifiable sound.